What is cross triathlon?

A cross triathlon competition consists of a swim stage, mountain-biking stage, and a trail-running stage. The most important cross-triathlon competition in Quebec is XTERRA Quebec, which has been held at Lac-Delage near Quebec City since 2014 and has been hosting the Pan Am Tour since 2018.


What is XTERRA?

XTERRA is the name of a series of international competitions and qualifiers for the final of the “XTERRA World Championship” which takes place each year in Maui in Hawaii.

The competition started in 1996 in Maui with one race and evolved into the XTERRA World Tour with more than 100 events in 34 different countries.

XTERRA Quebec is now part of XTERRA Pan Am Tour’s 10-race selection circuit run by the best athletes in the discipline.

XTERRA Quebec will be a qualifying race for the World Championship to be held in Hawaii on October 27, 2019.

How to qualify for the XTERRA World Championship?

We award 26 slots among the 13 age groups. Each first position in each category will be awarded a World Championship registration certificate and then the slots will be allocated in the order of registration (the first 15 entries completed). Registration must be completed following qualification and all fees paid. The remaining slots, in the event that the 26 offered are not completed, will be offered to the winners of the Québec Series.

What is the Québec Series?


The XTERRA Quebec Series is a series of races that includes XTERRA Quebec, XTERRA Bromont and XTERRA Tremblant.

Athletes participating in these races are automatically entered into the Series.

The Series winners qualify for the 2020 World Championships in Maui.

In order to qualify for the World Championships, athletes must participate in at least two (2) races among XTERRA Québec, XTERRA Bromont and XTERRA Tremblant.

Put this one on your list for next year!
Josiah Middaugh

XTERRA 2015 World Champion / XTERRA Québec 2018 Elite Winner

One of the longest & toughest races yet, but also incredibly spectacular! Fantastic trails, beautiful scenery and stellar organization made for a truly top-notch event that only became all the more memorable with some epic mud-fest conditions.
Merci beaucoup, Québec – I will be back!
Kara Lapoint

2nd XTERRA PanAm Tour 2018 / XTERRA Québec 2018 3rd Elite

This past Saturday’s XTERRA Quebec proved to be potentially the hardest out there (…). I loved the venue and more experience fighting for every step on the run to hold on for 3rd. A must-do race for sure!
Katie Button

XTERRA Québec 2018 3rd Elite

Well done! I’d tell athletes to put this race on their list of ones to do. I will be back next year, even on tough day for me I enjoyed the course! I will say I have done most of the races on the tour this year and by far you are one of the top organized events!
Kelli Montgomery

3rd XTERRA PanAm Tour 2018

…what a great race Xterra Quebec put on. This will become one of those must-do races now for many. This would have to be one of the best courses on the Pan American circuit and the best course marking indeed.
Kieran McPherson

Champion XTERRA PanAm Tour 2018 / 3rd Elite XTERRA Québec 2018

Congratulations to the whole team!!! XTERRA Quebec is unique in addition to being on an extraordinary site. The off road challenge is so significant compared to traditional triathlon. The level of competition continues to increase from one year to the next while keeping a fun and healthy competition side. Seeing the elite at work this year was thrilling and the team of super dynamic and smiling volunteers motivated us throughout the race. See you next year!
Dominick Fréchette


A well-organized event, you drop your stuff in the transition zone and then you do not think anymore, you just have to give everything and have fun in this enchanting site of Lac-Delage.
Patrick Roy


The atmosphere of an XTERRA has nothing to do with conventional triathlons. We like the spirit of camaraderie and mutual aid between athletes that we find at XTERRA 🙂
Stéphanie Bernier


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