September 8th, 2019

Domaine St-Bernard, Tremblant

Put this one on your list for next year! Josiah Middaugh

XTERRA 2015 World Champion / XTERRA Québec 2018 Elite Winner

*** Photos and videos are all from XTERRA Quebec ***
XTERRA Tremblant is part of the Québec Series, a series of races that includes XTERRA Quebec, XTERRA Bromont and XTERRA Tremblant.

Athletes participating in these races are automatically entered into the Series.

The Series winners qualify for the 2019 or 2020 World Championships in Maui, whichever one they choose.

In order to qualify for the World Championships, athletes must participate in at least two (2) races among XTERRA Québec, XTERRA Bromont and XTERRA Tremblant.


XTERRA Tremblant le choix logique pour compléter un trio parfait avec Québec et Bromont !!!

La réputation de Tremblant n’est plus à faire pour les triathlètes. Le magnifique paysage des Laurentides, la très grande quantité et qualité des sentiers et des lacs majestueux. La très grande capacité d’accueil du village et des alentours. Ce n’était qu’une question de temps pour qu’on annonce un nouveau XTERRA à Tremblant.

Le XTERRA Tremblant vous offre 3 formats de compétitions à faire en solo ou en équipe.


1200m swim + 26,25km bike + 8,5km run


600m swim + 12,6km bike + 4,5km run


2km run + 26,25km bike + 8,5km run

Bike course

The bike course in Tremblant will be different than the Bromont and Quebec courses, with the major difference being the level of technical skills required to ride every section of it.

If you’re a high performer, this course will throw plenty of challenges at you. The two major climbs are long and strenuous and the two major descents offer opportunities to really reach some high speeds and put your front and rear suspension to the test, as well as your breaks!

You basically don’t need to have the amazing technical skills of mountain bike racers, so just register, go check out the course and you will love everything about it!

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XTERRA Tremblant

539, chemin St-Bernard,

Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1T4, Canada

Where is the race?

539, chemin St-Bernard, Mont-Tremblant (Québec) J8E 1T4



Parking will be available at Domaine St-Bernard.


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*** Photos and videos are all from XTERRA Quebec 2018 & 2019 ***