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recommends you follow the instructions in your owners manual regarding what kind of fuel to put in your gas tank. 91 or 92 octane is a decent substitute for people who live in California or remote areas where 93 octane gas cannot be found. Use our map above to locate a 93 octane gas station near. How can I get 91 octane gas in an area that seems to sell only 87/89/93? What sort of damage might I have caused to a new vehicle by filling it with 87 for a little while? Find a Sunoco gas station nearby with the Station Locator. Search by address, city, state or ZIP code to quickly find gas in your area now. You can narrow your search by products or services that meet your needs, such as diesel gas stations near you.

If 91 octane isn’t available in your area, you can use the next higher octane value. If your concern is price, you can fuel with a mixture of grades to approximate 91 octane - for example, half 93 octane and half 89 octane. Also, make sure your 91. As NASCAR's trusted supplier for fuel, Sunoco's high quality gas lasts longer while being environmentally responsible. Whether you fill up with Regular 87 octane, Plus 89 octane, Premium 91 octane or Ultra R 93 grade of fuel, rest assured you’re getting the very best at the pump. Search above for locations with Sunoco Race Fuels GO FAST: Sunoco Race Fuels Fuel Finder • Fuels • Racing • About Us • Winner's Circle • Sunoco Society • Merchandise • Tech Corner. CONTACT • 1-800-RACE GAS 1-800-722-3427 ©2019 Sunoco.

24/01/2008 · I live in katy, tx outside houston, and I need 91 octane fuel for my truck. Anyone know who's got it? For those unfamiliar with the area, we've got Shell, Exxon, Texaco, Vallero, Chevron, etc. I just dont know wich one carries it, and would rather not drive around looking. Thanks for your help. 21/12/2019 · This is a map showing locations of 93 octane gas stations in the United States for cars that require premium 93 octane gasoline. 93 Octane Gas Finder. This is a map showing locations of 93 octane gas stations in the United States for cars that require premium 93 octane gasoline. 01/05/2017 · It’s likely that when a 100-octane fuel is introduced, 87 octane—the current “regular” grade gas—will be phased out. The idea is to make every car on the road burn higher-octane gas reducing CO2. Unfortunately, if your car wasn’t specifically engineered for higher-octane fuel, the difference in performance and efficiency will be. I prefer to use 93 octane or the highest available at commercial gas stations because they tend to contain higher quality fuel. The 'top grade' fuels, such as 'Shell V-Power 93' and 'Chevron with Techron 93' have better additives and usually do. 21/12/2019 · This is a map showing locations of 93 octane gas stations in the United States for cars that require premium 93 octane gasoline. View 93 Octane Gas Finder This is a map showing locations of 93 octane gas stations in the United States for cars that require premium 93 octane gasoline.

20/08/2014 · There used to be a gas station near my house that always had non-ethanol gas. Near me in Conyers Ga. We only have 90 octane non ethanol. is a bit better. Most places, especially where there are a lot of boats and snowmobiles, will have non-ethanol premium 91-93 octane. Welcome to the definitive list of stations that sell pure, ethanol-free gasoline in the U.S. and Canada! The Google Map is now fully broken because I'm unwilling to pay a lot of money for it.

Please remove stations that no longer sell pure gas, even if you didn't post them! But please don't remove stations simply because they don't sell to autos – many folks use this site to find pure gas for their boats and planes and lawnmowers and pumps and whatever. Read the station comments carefully. Any way to find gas stations with 91 octane? Hey guys,. If a car requires 91 octane gas, this means that the compression in the cylinder creates a pressure greater than the auto-ignition temperature of a lower octane gas. As a result, you get what's called "knocking".

According to Exxon and Mobil, their premium unleaded gasoline often has a 93 octane level, and gas stations can be located using the Station Finder function on the website. Exxon and Mobil offer premium unleaded gasoline with an octane level of 93, but it may also be blended with 91-92 octane gas in some areas of the United States. 93-Octane Non-Ethanol Gas Stations. 93-Octane Non-Ethanol Gas Stations. Open full screen to view more. 93-Octane Non-Ethanol Gas Stations. 170,945 views. Share. Untitled layer. Quality Mart 2. Quality Mart 7. Quality Mart 8. Quality Mart 9. Quality Mart 14. Quality Mart 18. Quality Mart 27 Quality Mart 37. Sunoco 100 octane unleaded at pump inside track facility 11/04/11 $8.95 Also Sunoco 91 unleaded and 110 leaded at the pump. $10 admission during events, however there is no admission fee if you're coming in for gas.

Most gas stations in the United States offer three octane grades: regular 87 octane, mid-grade 89 to 90 octane and premium 91 to 94 octane, according to the Anti-Knock Index. Sunoco is the only large American chain to offer four grades of gasoline. The octane rating. Unleaded 91 Octane: The Popular Choice. When it comes to using a premium fuel for everyday driving, Unleaded 91 Octane is a popular choice that’s not only good for your engine but for your budget as well. If you need to find the lowest E85 prices or the E85 price in MN, Energytraders.Org is the site you've been looking for. Learn more about the octane rating of E85 gas, and find the MN E85 ethanol costs or the e85 gasoline price today. 06/12/2011 · This app saved me I drive a 1984 VW vanagon and found that gas with ethanol in it made my car stutter and even die on the freeway. When I put 91 octane ethanol-free gas in it, it ran fine. I used this app all across the country to find the gas I needed. I wish there were more stations because sometimes I couldn’t find one near me.

Available in three octane levels, our Synergy gasoline has been engineered to help clean up intake valves and improve gas mileage and performance. §§ Fuel detergents 1, 2 and 3 – provide outstanding cleanliness in port fuel injection. 14/07/2017 · I have had excellent results with BJ's 93 octane gas and it is at a good price too. and 93 at every station I've ever been to. Have never seen 91. A new Mobil with high volume just opened near me. It's my go to. Show Full Signature. I wash born here, an I wash. We only have 91 on the crap coast Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk.

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